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Welcome to the Cuties Online FTP server!

What is this?

This is a public FTP server run by @KesGai, to go with the Cuties Online webring.

Can I browse anonymously?

Yes! Just connect to using the username ftp or anonymous (your client might have a preference). It probably even works in your web browser!

How do I join?

You can log in to our FTP server anonymously to download files from our public area, but to upload files and have your own user area, you have to register.

Registration is easy and free, but you'll have to wait for approval from our wonderful administrator before your account starts working.

Just sign up for an account at Cuties Online, and then come back here and log in using the form on the right. We'll set up your FTP account and submit it for approval automatically.

I've joined; now what?

Start uploading some files, or create a cool website! Included with your FTP space is static (HTML-only) web hosting in your public_html directory. Your website will be available at, like in the good old days.

All users (even anonymous ones) can access our public directory, where you can upload* files to share with the world, and all registered users can access our cuties directory to share files with other cuties.

* Registered users only

Are there any limits?

In terms of technical limits, not really. This service is offered in good faith for the cuties of the internet, and registered users are asked to use the system fairly. our wonderful administrator may terminate accounts using too many resources or deliberately misusing the service.

As for content limits, all content uploaded to this FTP server must be clean, legal, and in-line with the principles and ethos of Cuties Online. We reserve the right to remove any content that does not abide by these requirements. That said, content is not moderated before being made available publicly on our system*, so please exercise caution.

* User registrations must be authorised but content is not screened on upload.